1. Which Mandal Commission came into force during the tenure of the Prime Minister?
 - V. P. Singh

2. What is SARS?
Reply - Viral Disease Disease

3. India is the father of the Green Revolution
Answer: MS. Swaminathan

4. The White Revolution is concerned.
Answer: From milk

5. What is famous for Godhra?
Answer: To burn people in the train

6. Who was the last Mughal ruler?
Answer - Bahadur Shah Zafar

7. Who opposed the Sati practice?
Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy

8. What is the full form of OBC.
Answer - Other Backward classes

9. Why is SAIL famous?
Answer: For steel production.

10. Why the demand draft is crossed?
Answer - so that payment can be done only through bank account.

11. Where does Pushkar Mail look?
Answer: Ajmer

12. Where was the establishment of Azad Hind Fauj?
North - Singapore

13. India is the place in the world in terms of area.
North - Seventh

14. Zakir Hussain is concerned.
Answer: From tabla

15. The place of worship of Lal Bahadur Shastri.
Answer - Vijay Ghat

16. Suez connects the canal.
Answer - to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea

17. Who is the queen of the menslo?
Answer: Cardamom to

18. '] [' is an indicator of.

19. Who was the founder of Nazism?
Answer: Hitler

20. Who has run the 'Din-i-Elahi' religion?
Answer: Akbar

21. Whose 'poorer words' is eaten?
Answer: Moinuddin Chishti

22. What is the Qutub Minar?
Answer: In Delhi

23. The land between the mountain and the mountain is called.
Answer: The valley

24. Saharia tribe is found.
Answer: In Rajasthan

25. The mountain and mountain are represented in the map.
Answer: from red color

26. Silk is the largest producer of land.
North - China

27. Who was the Prime Minister of Pakistan during the Kargil war?
Answer: Nawaz Sharif

28. India is a national bird.
Answer: Peacock

29. When was the Indian National Congress established?
Answer: 1885 AD

30. Which shape is made of underground water?
North - Carsteado

31. Kharif is the crop.
Answer: Mecca

32. When the bajra crop is harvested?
Answer: October-November

33. Eskimo's house is built.
Answer - of snow

34. Before Delhi was the capital of India.
Answer: Calcutta

35. What is the relation of the red triangle (Δ).
Answer: From Family Welfare

36. Contour shows the line.
Answer: From the same elevation and shape locations on the sea floor

37. The Kaveri river flows.

38. Who is the creator of the Mahabharata?
Answer: Vedavas

39. Which tribe is most commonly found in Sri Lanka?
Reply - Sinhalese

40. What cereal is burnt during Holika Dahan?
Answer: Barley

41. What is the income from the registration fee in the village fair?
Answer: District Council

42. Who founded the 'Khudai Khidmatgar'?
Answer: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

43. Ganges-Yamuna river is a meeting place.
Answer: In Allahabad

44. The northernmost mountain ranges of the Himalayas are called.
Answer - Hemadri

45. What was the name of Buddha's childhood?
Answer - Siddhartha

46. ​​India's maritime boundary is long.
Answer - 7500's I

47. Megasthenes whose ambassador was?
Answer - Cellulose

48. Kathak Kali is the dance of which state?
North - Kerala

49. Ujjain is situated on the banks of which river?
Answer - Kshapra

50. When the Dal-Change Act was passed?
Answer - in 1985 AD

51. In which state is the Old Bird Sanctuary?
North - Rajasthan

52. Who are known as Frontier Gandhi?
Answer: Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

53. In the Mauryan empire, which ruler was the first 'Patithee Son'?
Answer - Chandragupta Maurya

54. Human Rights Day is celebrated.
Answer - December 10

55. Who is the leading tea producing country of India?
North - Assam

56. India is the second woman to climb Mt. Everest.
Answer - Santosh Yadav

57. Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress?
Answer: Annie Besant

58. Jim Carbet Park is located.
Answer: Uttaranchal

59. Which Somnath temple was destroyed by which Muslim invaders?
Answer - Mahmood Ghaznavi

60. Dada Saheb Phalke was the first person honored with the award.
Answer - Devika Rani

61. When was 'U.N.O' established?
Answer in 1945 AD

62. India exports the most of what item.
Answer - cotton cloth

63. What gram comes under the crop?
Answer: Pulses

64. Which is the longest railroad in India?
North - Northern Railway

65. The country was the 12th President.
Answer: - Dr. Abdul Kalam

66. Which state of India is the largest producer of rubber.
North - Kerala

67. Which state is in Bhankhara Nangal Dam?
Answer: Punjab

68. Which state was the great man Virsa Munda?
North - Jharkhand

69. Who is the supreme army commander of the Indian Army?
Answer: President

70. Railway 'broad-gauge' is the distance between two tracks.
Answer - 1.675 m

71. Where is the Central Railway Office?
Answer: In Mumbai

72. What is the 29th state of India?
North Telangana

73. The world's largest desert.
Answer: Sahara

74. The first satellite launched by India.
Answer: Aryabhatta

75. Who conducts small cases in rural areas?
Answer - submenu

76. India has the highest gold producing state in India.
North - Karnataka

77. Dr. Abdul Qalam became famous in which area?
Answer: Science

78. India is the most rice producing state in India.
North West Bengal

79. At which place is nuclear testing mostly located?
Answer: Pokaran

80. Who is the author of the song Govind?
Answer: Jayadev

81. The name of the father of Gautam Budh is.
Answer - correcting

82. National Youth Day is celebrated?
Answer - January 12

83. Where was the first ports established by the British in India?
Answer - Appearance

84. Where is the National Defense Academy?
Answer: Khargajwala

85. Who is called the world's immutable city?
Answer: Rome

86. India's most literate state.
North - Kerala

87. India is the longest dam.
Answer - Hirakud Dam

88. Who built Fatehpur Sikri?
Answer: Mughal Emperor Akbar

89. Who was the first person to land on the moon's surface?
Answer: Neil Armstrong

90. India is the most famous place for the oil sector.
North: Digboi-Assam

91. By which surname is Japan's capital Tokyo known?
Answer - Osaka

92. Who gave the word Harijan?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

93. Is there a very good yield in India?
North - in Karnataka

94. The folk dance 'Kikali' is famous in which state?
North - Haryana

95. What is the name of the term 'googly'?
Answer: Cricket

96. Which is the highest coal producing state?
North - Jharkhand

97. Where is Charminar located?
North - Hyderabad

98. Where did the Metro first place in India?
Answer: Calcutta

99. Golden Temple is located in which Indian city?
North: Amritsar

100. Rourkela is famous for which mineral?
Answer: iron

101. In which state does the Luni river flow?
North - Rajasthan

102. The world's largest producer of asbestos is in the world.
North India

103. Where is the Santa Cruz airport?
Reply - Mumbai

104. Who was India's first full color film?
Answer - Queen of Jhansi

105. Who was the Chairman of the First Finance Commission?
Answer: K C. Niyogi

106. Which of the following states is the poverty line in India?
Answer - Orissa

107. Black soil is the most suitable item for which crop?
Answer: Cotton

108. World AIDS Day is celebrated?
Answer: 1 December

109. Where is the headquarters of Coca-Cola Company located?
North - Atlanta

110. Minimum age should be for fighting the Lok Sabha election.
Answer: 25 years

111. When is International Women's Day celebrated as?
Answer - March 8

112. Where is Kanha National Park located?
Answer: In Mandla

113. Where is the Dhruv of India's nuclear reactor located?
North - Trombay

114. Where is the 'Statue of Liberty' located?
Answer - in New York

115. Where is the 'Red Square' located?
Answer: In Moscow

116. Which river is known as Aswan dam?
Answer: On the Nile

117. What is 'Pentagon'?
North - Office of the US Department of Defense

118. Narmada is the origin of river.
Answer: Amarkantak

119. A PIN is called the first digit of the code.
Answer - Number of postal John related to post office

120. Which water reservoir separates Europe from Africa?
Answer - Gibraltar

121. Nhava Seva port in India is located.
Answer - Near Mumbai

122. Which port is on the west coast?
North - Paradise

123. Where is the tin found in India?
North: Hazaribagh (Jharkhand)

124. Which ambassador to Shivaji ji was arrested by Aurangzeb?
Answer: Raja Jaisingh

125. Which queen of Rajasthan had sent Rakhi near the emperor Humayun and asked for assistance against Bahadur Shah?
North - Queen Karnawati

126. The Sardar Sarovar project is situated on which river?
Answer: On the river Narmada

127. Where is the railway wagon factory (CIMMCO) located in Rajasthan?
North - in Bharatpur

128. Prior to independence, there were total Indian princely states before independence.
Answer - 562

129. When did the British Parliament pass the Indian Independence Act?
Answer: July 1947
130. When did Lord Mountbatten, Chairman of Bharat Divas Parishad, announce the partition of India?
Answer: On 3 June 1947

131. Who was the first person to speak of Dwishar?
Answer - Muhammad Iqbal

132. Who was the founder of 'Farvard Block'?
Answer - Subhash Chandra Bose

133. Even after the opposition of Gandhi, who was made the President of the Congress?
Answer - Subhash Chandra Bose

134. On June 13, 1919, the Jallianala Bagh massacre in Amritsar was opposed to whose arrest?
Answer: - Satyapal and Saifuddin Kichalu

135. In 1885, where was the first election of the Indian National Congress under the chairmanship of Vyomkesh Chandra Banerjee?
Reply - Mumbai

136. Who had declared the partition of Bengal in 1905?
Answer - Lord Curzon

137. There is a minimum age limit for the election of the Lok Sabha.
Answer: 25 years

138. Which ruler defeated King Harshavardhana?
Answer: Pulakeshin II

139. Who first hindered Hindu law?
Answer - Manu

140. Where was the death of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar?
Answer: Rangoon

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